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Meet your MBA Admission Calculator

Just enter a little bit of data, and MBAmo will tell you how you match up with applicants who’ve succeeded at that school in the past and help you build a successful MBA Application Strategy regardless of the prognosis. 

Read on to learn more about the important role fear plays in your MBA applications and how to expunge it. 

Heyo! Angela Guido here!

I’ve got a little bit of career philosophy for you to start your day.

I spend a lot of time talking with MBA Applicants because I LOOOOVE helping people achieve their dreams. Almost everyone I talk to has a question like this: 

  • At which business schools am I competitive? 
  • What are my odds of getting into HBS?
  • Where can I get in with this GPA?
  • Do I have a chance at Stanford GSB?
  • With this GMAT score, which MBA programs will take me seriously?

Most of the time, these questions come from fear. 

As a result, the very best the answer can do is placate that fear for a few minutes until you find some other information that scares you again. But much more likely, the answer will amplify your fear and further undermine your confidence in who you are.

If you’re looking to someone to validate whether you’re good enough to pursue your dreams, I can do that for you right now: 

Whoever you are, you are good enough to go after what you truly want. That’s a universal truth. And what’s more, you owe it to yourself to try.

Hundreds of people beat the odds every year!

Because GMAT scores don’t get into business school. Inspiring humans do.

By showing your authentic best self, you’ll make the school’s decision makers fall in love with the unique, complete, one-of-a-kind human that you are. That’s your best chance at admissions success. And that takes courage.

First, it takes the courage to look at reality in the cold, hard light of day and not flinch. Take for example, historic acceptance rates at top schools.

The bottom line is that no matter who you are, the odds are stacked against you at most of the top schools. 

But remember, nothing great that was ever achieved was statistically probable before it happened.

Here’s the smart way to chase your MBA dreams

If you’re like most people, you should apply to a set of schools that balances risk and reward. In other words, choose some…

  • Match schools, where your statistics are well-aligned with past successful applicants
  • Reach schools, where your statistics might be weaker than the average candidate
  • And Safer schools, where your background is stronger than the average successful applicant

That way you’ll almost certainly get in somewhere and also have a shot at your top choices.

And this is where MBAmo comes in.

MBAmo can help you determine whether a school should be considered a reach, a match, or a safety, with only a few datapoints. He’s over a decade of admissions experience and candidate evaluation intuition boiled down to a single sophisticated algorithm. 

But that's not all he does!

In addition to telling you where your profile is stronger or weaker than your target school, MBAmo and the Career Protocol team will give you constructive advice to help you move forward towards your MBA dreams!

In your 20+ Page MBAmo report you’ll find things like…

  • How to address a weaker quant profile as an MBA applicant
  • How to showcase professional achievements to make up for weaker career history
  • How to showcase extracurricular involvement to differentiate yourself
  • How to crush the application so that you can convert those odds into an actual MBA admission offer!
MBAmo and the Career Protocol team can’t wait to help you achieve your MBA dreams. 

MBAmo is the brainchild of Angela Guido, one of the world’s most beloved and experienced MBA admissions consultants. She’s an optimizer. That means she’s always trying to make slow things fast, boring things interesting, and complicated things simple.

With over 12 years of admissions experience and candidate evaluation intuition, Angela thought it was time to try to automate the process of telling you your MBA odds.

So she got together with a nerd (well, another nerd besides herself) and built the MBAmo algorithm.

MBAmo takes into account the salient features of your past experiences and mimics pretty closely how the admissions committee evaluates your candidacy at the level of your statistics. But as we say many many times in your MBAmo report, it’s not the stats that ultimately get you in.

That’s because the application process is dynamic and robust; doing a great job of showing your best self to the adcom in your resume, essays, recommendations, and interviews couldn’t possibly be automated.

But the truth is, only a few data points are required to determine whether a school should be considered a reach, a match, or a safety.

Up until now, if you wanted a GOOD answer about to the question: which schools you are competitive at? You had to talk to a human. But now, MBAmo does the heavy lifting on the basics so that when you talk to the Career Protocol team, we can use our time instead to dig deeper into your stories, help distinguish your character, and help you prepare to shine in applications regardless of your risk profile at your dream schools.

Just fill in your answers to the questions MBAmo asks. Then MBAmo will do his magic – it’s a pretty complex calculation, which is explained in your MBAmo report.

We use your email address to send you your 20+ page personalized MBAmo report. We will keep your information in the MBAmo database and in our CRM, Hubspot, so that we can provide more valuable advice to you if you decide to speak with us. We will also send you emails to help you on your MBA journey. That’s it. MBAmo is pretty sophisticated, but we’re not. Hahahaha.

Yeah, well, for a 20+ page personalized report on you and your favorite schools at no financial cost, entering a little data seems like a pretty small price to pay, no? 😛

But, yeah, we know you’d like to do more schools faster. We’re working on a solution that will let you do that. If you’re on our email list, you’ll get a notification about it.

Every journey starts with the first step. And achieving every ambitious goal starts with a reality check. The truth is, not all candidates should consider a school a safety or even a match. But many people get into their reach schools every year. People even get into moonshots. We’ve got a dozen client examples of people who were aiming extremely high but got in anyway.

So don’t take the results too personally and don’t let them stop you from going after what you want. Your report is chock full of information to help you go for a school and give it your best shot even if it’s a reach!

There is a non-zero probability that the calculation will be a bit off in a few random, specific cases. We tried to be extremely thorough in envisioning every possible candidate permutation, but we’re human, so we might have missed some. Be sure to read your report IN DETAIL to see if MBAmo recommends some factors that might nudge your score upward or downward a tiny bit. Take those seriously.

If you think something is seriously wrong with the calculation, see the next question.

If you really think we screwed something up in the calculation or your report isn’t working properly PLEASE let us know about it!!! Just forward the issue to [email protected] and we’ll take a look right away.

Oh we were hoping you’d ask that!!

Talk to us about your MBA dreams, your MBAmo report, and working with the Career Protocol team anytime by clicking here.